Our uplighting packages are designed to enhance the ambiance of the room.  You choose your color(s) and if you would like a slow fade during cocktails and dinner.  Once the dancing kicks off, our Lighting Designers will use the uplighting to match the mood of the music.  This turns your entire venue into a dynamic lightshow.  Every light used is battery operated, and wirelessly controlled.  What does this mean for you?  There are some venues that do not have adequate power outlets for the proper placement of uplighting in the room, and there are even other venues that do not allow uplighting because of the cords necessary.  With our uplighting package however, there is no need to worry.  No wires, no muss, no fuss.


Your Name In Lights

Imagine your name in lights with your very own custom designed monogram.  A monogram offers incredible photo opportunities for you as well as your guests.  One of the things we pride ourselves on is our lighting design.  Many people project monograms on the dance floor, and it looks cool, but as soon as the dancing starts it ruins the effect.  We will work with you and your venue to find the perfect place where it will look great for the entire evening.  Some great spots are above your cake table, behind the head table, at the entrance to your ballroom, or even on the outside of the building.  This attention to detail adds the wow factor, and gives you and your guests awesome photo opportunities throughout the evening.

Rates starting at $195

Multimedia Package

Many people have been to a Wedding or event where there was a slide show.  Our Multimedia Package takes incorporating video aspects into an event to an entirely new level.  Your event will start off by having a custom video monogram during the reception hour.  When it is time for introductions, there you’ll be on the screen(s) to welcome your guests and perform your own unique custom video introduction (Example on the right).  Now it’s time for your first dance, where you will be streamed via live video feed to the displays.  Once you sit down to enjoy your meal, you also get to enjoy a custom “Through The Years” slide show.  You will also be provided separate custom slide shows for your parent dances, which will feature you and your beloved parent set to the song that you chose.  Once the action kicks up and it is time to party, your guests will love seeing themselves on the “Big Screen” via live video feed, while they also get to enjoy classic, and current music videos, as well as some custom ambient graphic work.


Live Percussionist

SRE is proud to introduce you to The Party Percussionist John Donovan.  John is a sought after artist for Private and Corporate events with his historical re-mixing of drum corps style percussion into dance music with DJs and Bands.

Packages Starting at $745

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