Music Monday – Vitamin String Quartet

Vitamin String Quartet

Vitamin String Quartet

In this weeks music blog, we are diving into a group of artists who have completely changed the vibe of our Wedding Ceremonies.  I was introduced to the music of VSQ in October of 2011 by a former client.   They provided me a list of songs for their Wedding Ceremony that were very recognizable Top 40 hits, except none of them were performed by the original artists.  Every song on this list was performed by a group called the Vitamin String Quartet.  My original thought was that these were going to be lame instrumental covers of songs that I would use one time, and then quickly forget about.  I am pleasantly surprised to know now, how wrong I was back then.

Since that first introduction to VSQ, we now have a completely new outlook on Wedding Ceremony music. Up until that wedding we almost always played true Classical music during the prelude to a the ceremony,   We now offer our clients a “Traditional Ceremony with Classical music, an updated “Modern Strings” Wedding Ceremony, or they could choose a bit of both.  Most clients choose the more modern sound, and we can tailor it to most tastes from Top 40, to R&B, to Country, or even Alternative & Rock.

As I dug a little deeper into the history of the group, I found that they are not really just a string quartet, but rather a large array of Musicians, producers and arrangers who create these beautiful interpretations of classic and current Top 40, Rock, Urban and other hits. You will not be disappointed if you decide to include a few songs from VSQ into your Wedding Ceremony, whether it is the prelude, processional, or recessional.  They have 100’s of songs in their catalog that will cover just about everyone’s tastes.

Where To Find

You can find much of Vitamin String Quartet’s catalog on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, or you can order direct downloads right from

Similiar Artists

Other artists with a similar style include the Bridesmaids Quartet, The Paint Guys, Benny Martin, Jon Schmidt, and The Acoustic Guitar Troubadours.

Popular Tracks

The following VSQ tracks have been very popular selections for our Weddings, including the Ceremony and Cocktail hour.
Beautiful Day
Chasing Cars
Just Like Heaven
I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing
In your Eyes
Your Beautiful
Just The way You Are
viva La Vida

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