We had a client who was very excited during our initial meeting.  The Bride saw some pictures and video from our previous events and loved how we utilize uplighting and the way it looked.  She chose a package that allowed her to choose any one lighting option, and she said she was definitely going with the uplighting.

Time passed, and we had our final consultation about 30 days before her Wedding to finalize the details.  At the meeting she said that she changed her mind about having uplighting.  I respond “Oh, what changed your mind?”.  She said “When we met with our coordinator she said you don’t NEED Uplighting.  The venue is already a beautiful space, with a window that has a gorgeous view, and a beautiful Fireplace.  The coordinator said besides, uplighting is just a way for DJs to charge you more money.”

Without hesitation I responded “That is your decision, it does not affect the price if you decide to choose a different lighting option, and your coordinator is right.  You don’t NEED uplighting to have a successful marriage, you also don’t NEED the chiffon chairs, or the gorgeous view from the Window.  You don’t NEED to have the filet mignon; you could choose roast beef.  In reality, you don’t NEED to have a Wedding Reception at all, all you NEED is the love you have for each other, and someone who can legally marry you.  Why did you choose the venue, the DJ, the cake, the dress?  Those choices weren’t about what you needed, they were what you WANTED.  If you WANT uplighting, then choose it, if you WANT filet mignon then choose it.”



After our conversation, she decided to keep uplighting as her package option, and the day of her Wedding she was very glad she did.  It turned out exactly how she had hoped and how she had wanted.

Remember, it is your Wedding, it is not about what other people say you need or don’t need. After you say “I do”, and are legally bound to each other, the rest is about what YOU want.

Please comment below to share any stories about how you felt someone tried to talk you into or out of something for your Wedding.

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