I will admit, I am watching her video’s from the 80’s right now. The music I grew up with. I am honestly in tears. When MJ passed, it didn’t phase me, for some reason this one rocked me. I was moved by her music, her voice, and her beauty. I also was a very big fan of New Edition, and Bobby Brown. Now I am torn, I still love his tracks from the late 80’s as they were part of the soundtrack of my life. But, I keep finding myself trying not to hate him, for leading Whitney down the path that led her here.

I actually feel sorry for the current generation, who did not have a chance to soak in Whitney in her glory, they only know of the shell of a woman that has been in the news the past few years. Her songs were uplifting, powerful, and positive. The current generation of artists could learn a lot the example of her career.

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